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  • Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 7

    Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 7

    In this podcast Emily Marbaix updates us on what wildlife wardens have been up to, reminds us of autumn jobs to do in the garden, especially those that help wildlife, and takes a look at the eco-friendliness (or not) of our pets, including what we feed them and the flea and worm treatments we give…

  • Wildlife Warden September Newsletter

    Wildlife Warden September Newsletter

    This month’s newsletter covers a talk on Cirl Buntings by Cath Jeffs, a conservation officer with the RSPB; information about upcoming webinars; the Great Big Green Week events held in Dawlish and Newton Abbot; plus a summary of the projects Wildlife Wardens have taken on around the district.

  • Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 6

    Read or listen to Emily Marbaix’s latest podcast, in which she talks about how to create a wildflower meadow, the future for beavers in England, and what we can do individually to combat climate change and species loss.

  • Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 5

    Emily Marbaix is back with another podcast (which you can also read) in which she talks about her latest wild camping trip, orienteering training with Emma Cunis (aka Dartmoor’s Daughter), and notes that 68 wildlife wardens across 34 parishes and wards have received introductory training. There is also: An update on the Wildlife Warden Scheme…

  • Wildlife Warden July Newsletter

    Wildlife Warden July Newsletter

    As usual, it was been a busy month! We are currently writing ACT’s response to the Local Plan consultation, so this newsletter is a little shorter than usual. Thank you to those of you who have responded to the Local Plan Consultation. This could be our last chance to influence where development happens in Teignbridge! …

  • Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 3

    In the latest Devon Wildlife Warden Podcast, Emily Marbaix brings you details about Churches Count for Nature Week (between 5th and 13th of June) and of a quiz she has put together to quantify how well you are managing your garden for wildlife. There is also: An interview with Flavio, the Wildlife Warden Coordinator. A…

  • Why Wildlife Wardens?

    Why Wildlife Wardens?

    In December 2020 I signed up to become a wildlife warden for my parish, writes Emily Marbaix. It’s a scheme run by ACT aiming to help local wildlife survive and thrive. There’s a strong connection between wildlife loss and climate breakdown. They are both outcomes of our exploitation of the natural world and insatiable demand…

  • Could you be a parish Wildlife Warden?

    Could you be a parish Wildlife Warden?

    The ACT Ecology Group is looking for parish-based, volunteer Wildlife Wardens, writes Audrey Compton. They are needed to help support, protect and increase our district’s wildlife and improve its chances of surviving the ecological and climate emergencies we face. Wildlife Wardens need to love wildlife but don’t need specialist knowledge, we will provide training. Having…