Resources Pack for Town and Parish Councils

This page provides download links for each of the documents comprising the pack.

NOTE that the links to each file open the file in your current browser window.


The overview describes the background and purpose of the pack, ACT’s role and support available, guidelines on declaring an emergency and developing an action plan.

Why is it a Climate Emergency

Describes how and why the climate is changing, the consequences of changing climate, what we can do and how quickly we need to act, and carbon emission targets

What can Councils do

Describes how councils are ideally placed to engage with the wider community and Parish Council’s statutory responsibilities.

Built Environment and Energy

Covers emissions from existing buildings, primary energy generation and emissions from new buildings.


Summarises emissions from transport and what you can do about them.

Food, Farming, Forestry and Ecology

Gives practical actions under each of the headings food, farming, forestry and ecology.


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