The ACT Procurement Group’s role is to help Teignbridge District Council, town and parish councils and private companies make sure they buy goods and services in a way that helps meet the net zero carbon target.

Teignbridge District Council is already making progress towards this, and will publish its Sustainable Procurement Strategy soon. We will work with the council to find ways to build on the strategy, in the light of the council’s climate emergency declaration.

Most town and parish councils do not normally buy much, but they can all do something. For example, they could purchase their electricity from a green supplier. If they do any building or repair work, they can look for suppliers that have a zero carbon policy. The Procurement Group is planning to publish a buying guide for town and parish councils that have declared a climate emergency.

The Procurement Group is a small one and would welcome new members, especially if they have experience of buying for a council or a large company. To find out more, please contact us.

If you wish to contribute ideas or see what others are suggesting please visit the forum.