Planning Applications Tool

We have written a tool which enables you to see details of all active planning applications on a single interactive page. This enables applications to be filtered by date range, parish, ward or Wildlife Warden area, type, decision level. Text search on address, proposal and document description and title is also provided.

A summary of each application is shown with reference number and proposal, this can be expanded to show all details and the latest documents relating to the application. There are links from the reference number to the application on the TDC site, as well as to the documents page for the application.

You can now also sign up to receive alerts when new planning applications are added or applications change.

Planning applications tool

Planning application notifications

Preconfigured filters

  • Major applications
  • Wildlife warden areas applications can be accessed with the Wildlife Warden areas map. Wildlife warden areas are the same as parishes, except in Newton Abbot where they correspond with district wards.