Donations to Act

ACT is run by volunteers who do not receive any payment for their work, even so ACT still costs money to run. ACT’s only source of income is donations.

Donations by bank transfer

Alternatively you can donate by bank transfer, our bank details are:

If you are donating to support a specific event please use the name of the event as a reference. So for example if you wish to support a film screening use the film name as a reference. Otherwise use General Fund as the reference for non-specific donations.

Donations by PayPal

You can use PayPal to donate by card or from your PayPal account.

Please note that PayPal charges 3p per £1 commission from the amount you donate.

What does ACT use donations for?

ACT needs donations for:

  • General running expenses – the general fund
  • Putting on events to promote ACTion against climate change locally.

General running expenses

General running expenses include:

  • Web site hosting
  • Company reporting
  • Registered office support
  • Insurance

If you wish your donation to support our work in general please select ‘General Fund’ when you make your donation.


Each time we run an event we also incur costs for things like room hire and film screening fees and so on.

If you wish your donation to support a specific event please select the event when you make your donation.

Any donations for an event that exceed the cost will be treated as General Fund donations.