Donations to ACT

ACT is run mainly by volunteers and relies on donations to fund its activities. These include:

  • Putting on events to promote action against climate change and to protect and enhance nature locally.
  • Paying the coordinators of the Wildlife Wardens and Carbon Cutters schemes.
  • Paying general running expenses such as website hosting, company reporting, and insurance

How to donate

You can donate by bank transfer. There are two accounts, one specifically for Wildlife Wardens and one for other activities.

ACT donations

For donations to the main ACT account, please use these details:

Wildlife Warden donations

For donations to the Wildlife Wardens scheme, please use these details:

When donating to either account please indicate in the reference field the activity you wish to support. If your donation is for an event, we will advertise an event code for you to use. For donations to ACT as a whole please use “General” as a reference.

Should your donation be in excess of that needed to fund an activity we will treat the excess as a general donation.