Current Emissions Map

Current emissions

The map below shows parish outlines, you can select a parish either from the dropdown list by Zoom or by moving the pointer over the map and then clicking. If you click on one of the parish areas you will be directed to the emissions data for this area provided by the Impact tool.

The Cat. and Sub. drop down lists above the map can be used to select a category and subcategory of consumption emissions. The map is shaded with its intensity proportional to emissions.

We strongly recommend that if not already set, you select “consumption” emissions, “per-household” and “show sub-categories”.  You can also download a table of this graphic from that webpage. Here’s an introductory video covering use of the Impact tool.

This provides average household consumption based emissions which you can also use to compare your actual household emissions with others living in the same parish.

Please contact us for support and further information on how to use this resource.