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  • Wildlife Warden July Newsletter

    Wildlife Warden July Newsletter

    As usual, it was been a busy month! We are currently writing ACT’s response to the Local Plan consultation, so this newsletter is a little shorter than usual. Thank you to those of you who have responded to the Local Plan Consultation. This could be our last chance to influence where development happens in Teignbridge!  […]

  • Wildlife Warden June Newsletter

    Wildlife Warden June Newsletter

    This month’s Newsletter covers a lot of ground, literally, with wardens and opthers venturing out as summer begins. Topics covered include: The Local Plan. Training sessions. Project visits. Ogwild’s Rectory Field open afternoon. Wild about Devon. Devon Rewilding Network. Here’s the full newsletter

  • Update on the CEE Bill

    Update on the CEE Bill

    Following our piece in the May Newsletter on the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, the CEE Bill Alliance has drafted a second (‘summary’) version of the bill, The Climate and Ecology Bill No. 2.  This strengthened and condensed version of the CEE Bill is designed to present a clearer proposal, be easier to understand, function […]

  • Wildlife Warden March newsletter

    Spring is here! The emergence of life after the long dreary winter months is what makes this my favourite time of the year. It is always uplifting to see the first celandine flowers emerge, followed closely by pollinators, such as the early bumblebee. Soon, the swallows, swifts and house martins will be returning.  The picture […]

  • Wildlife Warden February Newsletter

    Thanks to all wardens for the hard work you have put into the scheme during these difficult times. The scheme is constantly growing and moving in the right direction. We have created a subdomain on the ACT website for the Wildlife Warden Scheme. It is still in development, but it already contains lots of useful information:  A […]