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  • Carbon Cutters Newsletter April 2023

    Carbon Cutters Newsletter April 2023

    Hello fellow Carbon Cutters, I’m Scott Williams , your new coordinator, and I’m here to help. Firstly a bit about me. I’ve been aware of the problems created by our burning of greenhouse gases for some time, since the call to ban CFCs, and have been trying to reduce my carbon and ecological impact and leave no […]

  • ACT Newsletter February 2023

    ACT Newsletter February 2023

    Welcome! It’s been a while since we updated you on ACT’s activities. That’s because we’ve been busy running our existing projects and setting up new ones. We’re sure there’s lots more we could do with your help, and we’re compiling a list of the skills, roles and support we need to take on even more […]

  • Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 7

    Wildlife Warden Podcast Episode 7

    In this podcast Emily Marbaix updates us on what wildlife wardens have been up to, reminds us of autumn jobs to do in the garden, especially those that help wildlife, and takes a look at the eco-friendliness (or not) of our pets, including what we feed them and the flea and worm treatments we give […]

  • Wildlife Warden September Newsletter

    Wildlife Warden September Newsletter

    This month’s newsletter covers a talk on Cirl Buntings by Cath Jeffs, a conservation officer with the RSPB; information about upcoming webinars; the Great Big Green Week events held in Dawlish and Newton Abbot; plus a summary of the projects Wildlife Wardens have taken on around the district.