Author: Julian Stringer

  • Heat pump pros and cons

    I remember as a student putting a shilling (2.5p) in the meter to run one bar of an electric fire for an hour to heat my single room. The heat was soon lost again due to poor insulation.  I now live in a large house heated to a steady 21C by an air source heat…

  • December 2020 Wildlife Warden Newsletter

    In a year that has been difficult for everyone, it has been immensely uplifting to see so many people enthusiastic about helping nature bounce back. Thanks to all of you for the time and energy that you have put into this scheme. At the time of writing, we have almost 50 Wildlife Wardens signed up , representing…

  • TDC debate Ecological Emergency

    TDC debate Ecological Emergency

    Teignbridge District council are to debate an Ecological Emergency declaration tomorrow Wednesday 30th September 2020 at 10:00am at the Full Council Meeting. You can watch it live on You Tube at The video will be posted once the meeting starts. You can read the full text of the motion here.

  • New Government Proposals impose 1532 houses a year on Teignbridge

    New Government Proposals impose 1532 houses a year on Teignbridge

    The government is conducting a consultation entitled “Changes to The Current Planning System”, which include proposed changes to the formula for calculation of housing numbers. When applied to 2020 this formula requires 1532 houses a year, whereas the previous formula required 760 houses. Summary of our concerns The absence of parallel policies to limit the…

  • ACT responds to Teignbridge Local Plan consultation

    ACT responds to Teignbridge Local Plan consultation

    The ACT coordinating group is preparing a response to the TDC Local Plan consultation.  We have prepared an initial draft response here. Your input/comments are very much welcomed, please send these to It is important that everyone responds to this consultation by the 15th June as the new Local Plan will shape development in…

  • Carbon Calculator released

    Carbon Calculator released

    We have developed a carbon calculator which is simple to use and will enable you to track your carbon footprint from year to year. The calculator covers everything you and your household consume including domestic energy use, transport, food and stuff. Domestic energy use and car use are based on accurate readings. As well as…

  • Teignbridge Wildlife Watchers on Facebook

    Teignbridge Wildlife Watchers on Facebook

    A message to all ACT members with an interest in Wildlife. To help wildlife, find new friends, keep people in touch and encourage them to share the wildlife they see on their daily walk, we’ve just started a Teignbridge Wildlife Watchers Facebook Page.

  • Decarbonising Transport setting the Challenge

    DfT has launched Decarbonising Transport setting the Challenge. This recognises that current and planned policies will not result in net zero by 2050. This consultation plans to produce a Transport Decarbonisation Plan within 7 months.

  • Teignbridge District Council Local Plan Review

    On 23rd March Teignbridge District Council announced the Local Plan 2020-2040 Review. The review survey runs until 15th June 2020, and ACT will be publishing a response towards the end of April.

  • Transport Documents Updated

    Transport related documents have been updated to reflect comments received. These are the Parish Pack, Transport Policy and the TECs Electric Vehicles review.