ACT at Newton Abbot Fayre

ACT took a stand at the Fayre held on Saturday 26th August, and luckily the forecast rain and thunderstorm failed to put in an appearance! The stand was a bit isolated from the main events but we had plenty of visitors despite this.

It was a combined energy / carbon cutting and wildlife warden stand. Seven of us turned up to chat to the visitors and enjoyed talking them through the various models, games, exhibits and interactive “opinionameter” (a white board and pens!).

Watch the video on our Facebook page to get a flavour of the ACT offering. The wildlife wardens were busy all day discussing animal skulls, owl pellets and other interesting objects with the younger visitors, and giving away wildflower seeds. On the carbon cutting part of the stand, we demonstrated working models and the carbon budget bucket, played the E=MC2 game, and encouraged visitors to make their opinions known on the white board.

The last visitor of the day to the white board made their opinion on climate change loud and clear: it’s a hoax they wrote!

Most other people were “very” concerned about climate change and agreed we should have onshore wind turbines in Teignbridge.

There was less agreement about electric cars. Some had no doubt their next car would be electric, while others were concerned about the cost.

We all enjoyed the day, felt it had gone well, and would definitely attend similar events in future.


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