ACT Newsletter August 2023

Visit ACT at Newton Abbot Fayre

We will be setting up a stall at this event on Saturday August 26th in Courtenay Park and would love to see you there. Both Wildlife Wardens and Carbon Cutters will be there with a range of exhibits, games and a quiz so come and test your knowledge, or just to chat.

Interested in lending a hand?

We are looking for people who are keen to take action on climate change by helping out at events we run or attend. This could include suggesting marketing messages we can send out, or talking to and/or listening to people. We plan to set up a group of willing helpers who will inspire each other! Please note you don’t need to be an expert, just passionate about taking action on climate change.

Visit us at our stand on Saturday if you’d like to know more, or if you can’t get to that, please contact Kate.

Can you paint, write, dance, make music or sing?

We ‘d like to meet you! We aim to form a creative community group within ACT focused on inspiring more people to take action on climate change. Art in all its forms speaks to us in a different way from facts and figures. We need to communicate the urgency of acting on the climate and ecological emergency in every way possible. So if you have any artistic talents, or know someone who does, please contact Kate for more information.

ACT events at Christow Village Hall

We were delighted to welcome ACT members in June to a packed evening featuring two events. We started with a storytelling session, with panellists telling their stories of how the climate and ecological emergency affects them before everyone was invited to contribute. This was followed by a discussion on how to tackle the issue of water pollution, featuring three speakers.

Welcome to Janine Peyre, an enthusiastic Carbon Cutter!

Janine is one of our recent Carbon Cutter recruits and has got off to a flying start by engaging family and friends in helping to reduce carbon emissions. She hopes to begin engaging the public on a regular basis at a venue in Teignmouth in the autumn. Read all about Janine here.

Energy Group

Monthly meetings continue. Here’s a link to the notes from the last meeting. Topics covered include retrofit, offsetting and greenwashing, and home batteries. 

Wildlife Wardens

Read the latest newsletter to find out what Wildlife Wardens have been doing. Activities include:

Talking to Teignbridge District Council

We are reviewing our arrangements with the council following the local elections in May. The new administration is settling in and we will continue to support them in taking action on the climate and ecological emergency as we have for the past four years, but the liaison strategy may change.

Economy Group

This group has been revitalised recently. Its main aim is to bring 20th century thinking about economics, and its addiction to GDP and profit growth, into the hot light of the 21st century, in which we need economies that enable all people to thrive and prosper within the means of the planet and nature. Find out more here

Carbon capture and storage: fact or fantasy?

The UK government has committed to a big expansion of carbon capture and storage (CCS), along with plans for more oil and gas drilling in the North Sea. Using CCS is a prerequisite of expanding fossil fuel extraction if the UK is to stick to its target of reaching net zero by 2050. 

The government will spend £20bn over 20 years to support the establishment of two CCS clusters by 2025, and a further two by 2030. The aim is to capture 20-30 megatons (Mt) of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year and store it under the North Sea.

Scientists think this is a bad idea. Read on to find out why.






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