ACT’s response to Part 3 of the Local Plan consultation

Teignbridge District Council’s current Local Plan, which runs from 2013-2033, is being revised and extended to cover the period 2020-2040.  Part 1,  which specifies the policies associated with new developments including renewable energy, was consulted on in 2020. The result of the consultation and any changes coming out of it are as yet unpublished.  Part 2, consulted on in mid 2021, covered what TDC describes as major sites for housing and employment.

The current consultation is on Part 3, covering sites for renewables (wind and solar), small scale housing and travellers. The consultation closes on 24th January 2022.

ACT is not responding to specific sites, where these are listed, unless we have identified a particular concern in relation to climate change or ecological impacts.  Instead, our response is to the broader aspects of these proposed sites and the associated policies/criteria that govern their selection.

We encourage everyone to respond individually, especially regarding specific sites they are familiar with.  It is important to include comments that address the criteria identified by the council in the consultation.  Not doing so may result in the comment not being given the weight it may otherwise deserve.

Although you are strongly encouraged to respond online, ACT’s response will be sent by email to This is because there is no facility to do this using the online facility other than for solar PV where there are no individual sites identified. 





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