Month: June 2021

  • An idea for the Heart of Teignbridge

    An idea for the Heart of Teignbridge

    The government demands that the local plan provides sites for about 750 houses per year over the next 20 years in Teignbridge. Where homes are built makes a difference to carbon emissions. If you build small flats in town centres: There are fewer emissions from construction. There are fewer ongoing emissions. You don’t need a […]

  • XR Protests at the G7

    XR Protests at the G7

    When you think about an Extinction Rebellion (XR) activist, you probably don’t think of someone like me, writes Amanda Cole. A 68 year old grandmother, with a 44 year history of NHS work in a responsible and respected position. But I attended the protests at the recent G7 meeting in St Ives and joined hundreds […]

  • Travels With My BEV

    Travels With My BEV

    Who would have thought there could be so much ‘mileage’, in having a BEV. No, not my best friend, my BEV is a Battery Electric Vehicle, writes Helen Chessum. Bought last year just before the pandemic took over our lives, BEV turned out to be the perfect lockdown project, providing endless hours of fun looking […]

  • Site options for the Teignbridge local plan to be consulted on

    A meeting of the council executive on 1st June passed a motion to run a public consultation on site options for the local plan from 14th June to 9th August. Executive Committee meeting You can watch the proceedings of the executive committee here , this gives access to a recording of the whole meeting, the […]

  • Fast Access tool for planning applications

    We have written a tool which enables you to see details of all active planning applications on a single interactive page. This enables applications to be filtered by date range, parish, ward or Wildlife Warden area, type, decision level. Text search on address, proposal and document description and title is also provided. A summary of […]

  • Precious Trees Need Preserving

    Precious Trees Need Preserving

    New neighbours move in and immediately cut down a magnificent silver birch and create a drive with non-porous material. I am mad! I love trees, writes Fran Hamilton. What’s all the fuss about? Let’s start at the bottom, below the surface of the soil. Maybe you have noticed white threads on old rotting wood. These […]