September 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the first of what will become a quarterly newsletter.

Firstly, and somewhat belatedly a massive THANK YOU to all who attended our Climate Summit meeting.  Especially for all the great suggestions you’ve given us, we’ve already used those in our work discussions the district council.  

So, what’s been happening since the Climate Summit meeting on 4th July 2019?

We’ve been busy setting up structures and starting lots of initiatives.  We’ve managed a lot, but now need more people to get actively involved and help us deliver some of the things you’ve told us are important.
The Coordination group have held regular meetings.  As a result, we have agreed to call our group – Action on Climate in Teignbridge (ACT for short).  We have formulated our group’s aims, working structure and responsibilities in our Terms of Reference document.  ACT’s mission is to assist, encourage and help Teignbridge District Council and town and parish councils, community groups and residents in the district to act together to realise the Carbon Zero target of 2025.
ACT’s Coordination group are positioning themselves to become the main point of contact between all other like minded groups, Town and Parish councils and individuals across Teignbridge.  Offering help and guidance and sharing best work practices. 
We have also formed the following specialist working groups: Built Environment, Transport, Food-Farming-Forestry, Ecology, Fundraising, Procurement and PR. Meetings of the Built Environment, the three F’s and Ecology have already taken place.  Meetings of both Transport and PR are planned.
Please contact me to find out more about what help we need.
ACT’s proposal to Teignbridge District Council, will be considered and voted on Tuesday the 24th September. You can read this and the council’s proposed plans under item 9 of the agenda for the full council meeting.
Our main activities over the next month or so will be; updating our web site, contacting groups and all Parish and Town councils across Teignbridge to become part of this community initiative.
We will also continue working on our legal structure and plan to hold an inaugural AGM in November. This will include the election of officers.
Reading this through prior to sending it out, it does seem slightly boring and matter of fact, but the people involved with these groups are quite inspiring, fun and very passionate. Although some might comment “I do need to get out more”
If you have any questions, ideas or would like to help please contact me.