August 2019 Newletter

This email is to update you on what has been happening since the meeting on 4th July. We’ve been busy organising the next stage of Teignbridge Climate Emergency Action Group’s (TCEAG’s) work, and collating all the suggestions made at the meeting.

One of the first tasks is to set up a Steering Group to take over from the four of us.  We have contacted everyone who expressed interest in being part of this subgroup, and invited them to its first meeting this Friday.  The meeting will discuss what the steering group’s role should be, and, in particular, the best way to support existing and new initiatives around Teignbridge which help deliver the Council’s zero carbon target.  The group will share the results of its meeting with everyone.

The steering group might well decide there should be sub-groups, for Food, Farming, Transport and other themes.  If so, and you have expressed interest in one of the themes, you should receive an email next week about joining that subgroup.

For those who can’t wait or are not too keen on meetings, our facebook group is a good place to find out about some existing local initiatives, and have conversations to start new ones.  There are many local initiatives you can be involved with.  So why not have a conversation and exchange some ideas there. 

The other thing worth mentioning is that momentum to take action is growing across the district.  More and more parish councils are declaring climate emergencies, and Dartmoor National Park Authority has just done so (also with at 2025 target date).  We are moving as quickly as we can so that TCEAG can respond to these developments, but, of course, please do contact and work with your local council direct.  Many of them will be unsure what action to take to deliver on their declarations.

Finally, we want to make you aware that we have set up a mailing list with your name, email, location and areas of interest on MailChimp.  You can change your details (or remove them completely) using the links below.  We will, of course, keep your personal details private, and only use  these to contact you about the Teignbridge Climate Emergency Action Group’s work.

Looking forward to working with you all
Penny, Andrew, Audrey & Fuad