Wind Sites WS3

This page is for recording comments about site WS3 in the local plan, which you can add at the bottom of this page.

The map and details below are shown as a reminder.

The tabs at the top of the map control what is displayed as follows:

  • Map – shows a map of the site
  • Site details – shows all the details we have collected so far about the site including:
    • Sensitivities TDC have recorded about the site
    • Classifications we have extracted about the site including proximity to special sites, heritage, landscape and species
    • Observations we have made about the site
    • Our assessment of the unconstrained maximum electricity generation possible from the site.
  • Legend – shows the colour coding used for features on the map
  • Settings – allows you to settings relating to the map

2 thoughts on “Wind Sites WS3”

  1. WS3 is sited about 330m east of the woods of Gultimoor Brake. These trees have a crown at about 20m above the 170m contour so about 190m above datum. The mast base altitude is quoted at 125.4m. The bottom of the blades disk is then at 212.4m above datum. I fear that the prevailing winds will be quite turbulent for the blades.
    Otherwise I am keen.

    1. You may well be right. The turbines I placed were only meant to be indicative of what could be achieved on the site as a purely desktop exercise to support the local plan consultation for renewables. Turbine placement on this site is probably constrained by buildings at Springdale farm, Westwood farm, and next to Gultimore brake. It is at present roughly equidistant from these. Another possible constraint is NATS radar, which could make placement on higher ground more difficult.
      For this desktop exercise I used a widely available wind speed database which gives one speed for each 1km square, so doesn’t take account of differences between hill tops and valleys within that square.
      I would expect that a potential developer would do a study which would include measurement of wind speeds and turbulence on site, before proceeding.

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