Vision, Mission and Principles


A low carbon Teignbridge where residents are actively engaged in building communities and economies which are sustainable, resilient and healthy.


To assist, encourage and help facilitate Teignbridge District Council and all interested town and parish councils, community groups and Teignbridge residents to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.


ACT will follow these four principles as it undertakes its mission:

1. Reducing the speed and effects of climate change should be at heart of all actions.

2. Community participation is essential.

3. Bold, innovative and far-reaching initiatives are required.

4. Openness, inclusivity, respect and democracy to be observed at all times.


We will realise our mission through achieving the following objectives:

1. To support Teignbridge District Council to ensure its Climate Emergency Declaration is reflected in all its policies, decisions and activities.

2. To support town and parish councils to implement initiatives in response to their climate emergency declarations.