The role of the ACT Transport Group is to gather carbon emission and energy related data for the theme of transport in Teignbridge. Our purpose is to propose realistic policies/initiatives necessary to meeting the declared zero carbon objective.

The group will do this by cooperating with others, nationally, regionally and locally.  Not only do we need to learn/share best practice, but we also need to bring our community with us if we are to be successful in delivering a sea-change in attitudes and behaviour.

Transport covers:

  • Communications
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Public and private transport

If you are interested and can contribute please contact us.

If you wish to contribute ideas or see what others are suggesting please visit the forum.

Our policies and initiatives in response to TDC declaring a climate emergency are here.

The transport group have investigated possible a possible method of baselining which is here.

A detailed review of Electric Vehicles is here.

Decarbonising Transport setting the Challenge DfT has launched Decarbonising Transport setting the Challenge. This recognises that current and planned policies will not result in net zero by 2050. This consultation plans to produce a Transport Decarbonisation Plan within 7 months. Read More…
Transport Documents Updated Transport related documents have been updated to reflect comments received. These are the Parish Pack, Transport Policy and the TECs Electric Vehicles review. Read More…