Economy and business

The role of the new ACT Economy and Business Group is to build relationships that enable an ambitious economic transformation to help us build a regenerative economy that can sustain us, and give pride, to people in Teignbridge for generations to come. Our purpose is to educate, communicate, collaborate across the district, and to propose realistic policies and initiatives necessary to meeting Teignbridge District Council declared objective of a carbon neutral Teignbridge by 2025.

The working group is doing this by cooperating with others, locally, regionally and nationally. Not only do we need to learn/share best practice, we also need to bring our community with us if we are to be successful in delivering a sea-change in attitudes and behaviour for a modern economy. This work across the district seeks to be an important part of the puzzle for the green recovery we need to help us move through the covid crisis, the climate and ecological crises, and the economic changes needed to resolve them.

Group aims:

Educate our members and residents in Teignbridge through educational experiences, resources and events

Communicate and build a narrative for an inclusive planet friendly economy that meets the needs of local people 

Collaborate and engage with Teignbridge District Council, town and parish councils, community groups, businesses, organisations and residents in the district, and anyone who supports a regenerative economy

Develop projects that help ACT achieve the vision of a low carbon Teignbridge where residents are actively engaged in building communities and economies which are sustainable, resilient and healthy

If you are interested and can contribute please contact us.

If you wish to contribute ideas or see what others are suggesting please visit the forum.

We also have a new ACT economy and business facebook group.

You can also follow us and interact on twitter via @ACTteignEconomy

Use the hashtag #ACTteign