Roxy Piper

Co-lead Business and Economy group
I am first and foremost a mother of my daughter who never ceases to inspire me and motivate me.
I have been involved in exploring and co designing solutions to climate and ecological crises, locally and nationally for over 10 years. This has led me to learn a wide variety of skills and work with lots of people with brilliant hearts and minds. I have a background in adult education, events management, communications, campaigning, strategy, and permaculture design and systems thinking. I am quite nerdy about social action, and making a positive impact in my community which compliments my lifelong interest in wildlife, plants and ecology.
I work in the fields of community participation, climate action, events and the new economy. I am a professional social media manager, and a consultant with New Prosperity Devon. I am an occasional volunteer for various community projects in Devon and beyond.
Our economic system is inextricably linked to climate and ecological breakdown, as are the people and businesses that make it up. Through connecting with others in Teignbridge, and across Devon we can continue to develop a regional economic strategy that is regenerative and resilient to shocks like climate and ecological emergencies we face.  I believe we need to be practical and realistic whilst understanding the need to be ambitious and tap into our imagination!
I feel privileged to work alongside people in Teignbridge and build relationships to help us meet the crucial 2025 targets. It is so important to ensure our planet is a place where my daughter, all the other citizens and all other life can thrive for generations to come. Get in touch so we can act together for Teignbridge.