Melanie Belchambers

Deputy Chair

I am a self-employed Podiatrist, a mother of 3 children and a middle aging eco warrior who will never stop working to preserve and conserve existence on this amazing planet.

I live with my dog who exercises me regularly! and in my spare time I volunteer as a councillor for my local town. With a deep sense of righteousness, justice and altruism I strive to represent local views, needs and desires in order to make life a better, safer and fairer place to live.

I love wind surfing and am passionately involved with surfers against sewage and my local plastic free group; running a once monthly plastic free alternative market stall and working with local traders to reduce their single use plastic waste. I have formulated the town councils’ Climate Emergency Declaration and Action plan, helped to set up a local Climate focus group and works with the local wildlife group to enhance the local verges, hedgerows, waterways and community tree seedling allotment

Over the years I have signed many local and global campaigns, lobbied many corporations for a fairer social justice and attending many large-scale public protests.

Becoming involved in ACT and local climate focused initiatives has given me many once in a lifetime, opportunities to make a positive difference at a fundament level. In the last 6 months I have become a Director for ACT’s community interest company, used my creative design skills in ACT’s Public engagement group, made valuable connections with like-minded people and thoroughly enjoyed formulating ideas into Climate focused ACTions.

Life is great and could only be better with less extreme weather events, heavily reduced carbon emissions, more easily available renewable energy sources, ecologically maintained greener spaces and enhanced community unity… amongst other important things!

Join us – ACTion on Climate in Teignbridge is how to help make a difference…