About us

What we do

ACT was set up in 2019 in response to Teignbridge District Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration by a group of people convinced of the need to take urgent action.

We aim to help residents build climate friendly communities and sustainable economies across Teignbridge by providing support and information to councils, individuals, community groups and organisations working to become carbon neutral and to reduce their ecological footprint.

We will support Teignbridge District Council to ensure its climate and ecological emergency declarations are reflected in all its policies, decisions and activities.

How we do it

ACT is structured as a community interest company, reflecting its social purpose. It comprises a coordinating group and a number of working groups as follows:

ACT will work closely with Teignbridge District Council members and officers, and in partnership with town and parish councils, as well as community and other organisations.

We will encourage participation by inviting, collating and assessing suggestions for action from all organisations and individuals in Teignbridge. These will feed into a plan to achieve our mission.

We will establish a carbon emissions baseline against which change can be measured, and will actively pursue ways of helping residents understand and feel committed to the need for further action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Please visit our Vision, Mission and Practice page for more details.