Ecology Group

The ACT Ecology Group’s role is to highlight the links between the climate emergency and the ecological emergency and ensure the loss of our wildlife and the likely extinction of many of our local species is understood better.

This large group includes many excellent local ecologists with a variety of specialisms. We are seeking national research, as well as local experience to help us. Our purpose is to find ways of engaging communities with their own wildlife so they understand its importance, find out how to look after it and enjoy it more!

We are working on local actions that will involve local and national organisations, concentrating first on projects that are effective, relatively easy and that our communities can be involved in.

Ecology covers:

All wildlife and all habitats in Teignbridge, including urban areas, Dartmoor National Park, our rivers, coasts and sea.

If you are interested and can contribute please contact us.

If you wish to contribute ideas or see what others are suggesting please visit the forum.

Our policies and initiatives in response to TDC declaring a climate emergency are here.