Imagine how life could be in 2040

The film 2040 does just that, it takes the best thinking and technology available today and imagines how we could use it to deal with the causes and effects of the climate and nature crises, to make life better for us and the planet.

We are planning to make the 90 minute film available to stream online during a 48 hour period and so please let us know if you are interested. The cost to us is dependent on the numbers and so we would encourage people to donate whatever they can but, as a guide, we’d anticipate around £3 per device would cover the cost.

One thought on “Imagine how life could be in 2040”

  1. Hello, can i ask how you are streaming the film and what the cost is? Our local climate hub were hoping to do something similar with this very film and we have some national lottery funding that could potentially go towards it. When were you planning on streaming it? Many thanks

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