Climate Emergency Question Time

Local candidates answer your questions

Thursday 5th December 7-9pm at Coombeshead College’s Bushell Theatre.

With mulled wine and minced pies.

Deciding how to vote has never been so difficult, and climate change and the environment aren’t getting as much cover as they deserve. So, ACTion on Climate in Teignbridge has invited all of the candidates standing for the Central Devon and Newton Abbot constituencies to our Climate Emergency Question Time.

When you book your place, you will have the opportunity to submit a question on how they would fight climate change and help our ecosystems recover. We will choose a representative selection which our Chair will ask every candidate. If any candidates can’t attend, we will ask them to send someone to represent their views – not simply their Party manifesto’s.

We will also be celebrating ACT‘s first 5 months, in which we have been supporting the District of Teignbridge on its journey to becoming carbon neutral. After Question Time there will be mulled wine, mulled apple juice and mince pies – a good time to socialise and share views on the best ways to reach our ambitious goal! We now have around 200 members from all over the District, of which 50 are very active – but there is always room for more. We’d would love to see you there and hear your views! Please share this with any other Teignbridge Environment Groups.

Directions and parking.

Questions submitted in the forum The deadline for submission of questions is mid day on 3rd December.

Please bring your own mug – no glasses for safety reasons.

Sorry this event is now full.

Read the Candidate’s statements

Central Devon

Alison Eden (Liberal Democrats)


Mel Stride (Conservatives)

Has not responded to our invitation

Lisa Robillard Webb (Labour)


Andy Williamson (Green Party)


Newton Abbot

Megan Debenham (Green Party)


David Halpin (Independent)


Anne Marie Morris (Conservatives)


James Osben (Labour)


Martin Wrigley (Liberal Democrats)


9 thoughts on “Climate Emergency Question Time”

  1. May be me but on returning to the site to find this event, there’s no way I can see to get to it from the top menu, ie there’s no “events” sub menu. I spotted it from the right hand side Recent posts but that can’t be relied upon. What am I missing?


    1. Hi Paul
      We are promoting the event on the top of the home page. Also if you scroll down on any page you should find a link titled event which will also take to the invitation page.

  2. Didn’t see link to ask a question when I booked to come to Questiontime. I would like to ask
    Approximately 20% of carbon emmissions are due to building. With the number of houses that are planned to be built in Teignbridge, how do you propose to make this development carbon neutral?

    1. I have added your question to the forum. I have also added a link to the relevant page of the forum to this page as well as the booking page.

  3. Hi Jules – is there a link to the Coombeshead map? Can it show that the easiest disabled access is form the staff car park off Wain Lane?

  4. Sunday after the Thursday event: The event was well organised, well attended, and lively – with useful discussions over mulled wine/ tea aftrwards. I have done a reasonably extensive internet search this morning, but not found any pictures of the “empty chairs” at the meeting. Has anyone got any links? Are there photos or attendance numbers somewhere in pages or comments on this site? Does anyone know of any media coverage?

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